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Rose Clay Face Mask DIY

What You’ll Need: Four Short 8 oz. Bail Jars Rose Clay Face Mask Template – Free PDF 21.4 oz. Distilled Water 1 oz. Rose Clay 3.5 oz. Kaolin Clay 1 oz. Rosehip Seed Oil 1.3 oz. Avocado Oil 0.8 oz. BTMS-50 Conditioning Emulsifier 1 oz. Polawax Emulsifying Wax 0.5 oz. Chamomile Extract 0.2 oz. Optiphen (preservative) 1 mL Rose Absolute Dropper EQUIPMENT PREP: Disinfect your […]

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Silky Coconut Milk Face Mask

What You’ll Need: 4 oz. Coconut Milk Powder 4 oz. Kaolin Clay 1.5 Tbs. Colloidal Oatmeal 1.5 mL Vitamin E Oil 1.5 mL Evening Primrose Extract Two 8 oz. Glass Bail Jars Optional: Droppers ONE: In a container, add the coconut milk powder, kaolin clay and colloidal oatmeal. Stir well. TWO: Add 1.5 mL of vitamin E […]

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