Burnt Sugar Shimmer Lotion


What You’ll Need:
16 oz. Aloe Lotion
4.5 mL Burnt Sugar Fragrance
1 tsp. Lip Safe Copper Mica
1/8 tsp. Cappuccino Mica
6- 2 oz. Bottles with Black Disk Tops

 ONE: Disinfect a clean spoon and heat safe container by spritzing 99% rubbing alcohol on the surface and allowing it to air dry. Wear gloves throughout the whole process to avoid contaminating the lotion.

TWO:  Scoop the Aloe Lotion into the disinfected container, and heat in the microwave in 10 second bursts, stirring between each heating burst. Be very careful to not heat the lotion above 130°F, or the preservative can become ineffective. The lotion should become slightly more liquid and pourable.
THREE: In a seperate container, measure out 4.5ml (about 0.15 oz) of Burnt Sugar Fragrance Oil. Add 1/8 tsp Cappuccino Mica, and 1 tsp Lip Safe Copper Shimmer Mica to the fragrance oil, and stir well. 
TWOTHREEFOUR: Add the colored fragrance oil to the warm lotion, and stir to combine.
FOURFIVEFOUR: Carefully pour the lotion into 2 oz bottles, to just at the shoulder of the bottle. Allow the lotion to cool without a lid for 2 hours before capping and enjoy!

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