DIY Crystal Soap Gift Set (with printable!)

August 29, 2017

What You’ll Need: Silicone Gemstone Mold 5 oz. Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base About 1/16 tsp. Fine Silver Rainbow EcoGlitter 3 mL Jade Fragrance Oil Colorants Used (2-4 Mini Scoops per batch) Shamrock Green Mica Lavender Mica Caribbean Blue Mica Buttercup Mica Red Mica Rose Gold Mica Super Pearly White Mica .15 CC Scoop (for measuring colorant) Dropper (for […]

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Lavender & Honeyquat Lotion Recipe

August 2, 2017

 What You Need: Four 4 oz. Bottles (White Disk Cap) Water Phase: 11.9 oz. Distilled Water (73%) 0.1 oz Allantoin Powder (0.5% ) Oil Phase: 1 oz. Moringa Seed Oil (6%) 1 oz. Rosehip Seed Oil (6%) 0.3 oz. Shea Butter (2%) 1 oz. Polawax Emulsifying Wax (6%) 0.3 oz. Cetearyl Alcohol (2%) Cool Down Phase: 0.5 oz. Honeyquat (3%) 2 mL or 40 drops Lavender Absolute (0.5%) 5 mL Optiphen (1%) EQUIPMENT […]

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DIY Turmeric Melt & Pour Soap

July 5, 2017

What You’ll Need: 12 Cavity Rectangle Silicone Mold 60 oz. Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base 2 tsp. Turmeric Powder 0.8 oz. Orange 10X Essential Oil 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in Spray Bottle ONE: Chop 60 ounces of Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base into small, uniform cubes. Place the soap into a large, heat-safe container and melt in the microwave […]

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Honeycomb Melt & Pour Soap Tutorial

May 24, 2017

  What You’ll Need: 6 Cavity Honeycomb Silicone Mold 19.5 oz. Honey Melt and Pour Soap 0.3 oz. Pure Honey Fragrance Oil King’s Gold Mica Cappuccino Mica Black Oxide Color Block Shimmer Yellow Color Block Droppers 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in Spray Bottle Optional: Clean Up Tool ONE: Chop and melt 4 ounces of Honey Melt and Pour Soap […]

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Beeswax and Honey Lotion Bars DIY

April 5, 2017

What You’ll Need: 6 Cavity Guest Bee Silicone Mold 3.5 oz. Olive Oil 3.5 oz. Shea Butter 2.5 oz. Yellow Beeswax  3 mL Pure Honey Fragrance Oil Dropper Optional: Save the Bees Label Template & 3 Candle Tins ONE: In a small heat-safe container, combine the olive oil and yellow beeswax. Place in the microwave and heat using 30-60 second […]

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Midnight Plum Melt and Pour Soap DIY

January 18, 2017

What You’ll Need: 12 Bar Round Silicone Mold 32 oz. Stephenson Ultra Clear Soap Base Queen’s Purple Color Block Black Oxide Color Block 1/2 Tbs. Iridescent Glitter 1 tsp. Snowflake Sparkle Mica 0.6 oz. Bramble Berry’s Alien Type Fragrance Oil 0.6 oz. Vanilla Color Stabilizer  99% Isopropyl Alcohol in Spray Bottle ONE: Cut and melt 32 ounces of Stephenson […]

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DIY Sparkling Bath Crystals

December 28, 2016

What You’ll Need: Two Tall 8 oz. Bail Jar 16 oz. Extra Large Bath Crystals 3 mL Celestial Waters Fragrance Oil 2 mL Polysorbate 80 Queen’s Purple Mica Super Pearly White Mica Fine Iridescent Glitter Optional: Droppers & Gloves ONE: Place the Extra Large Bath Crystals into a glass fragrance oil safe container. Using a dropper, add drops of the […]

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Neon Pink Lip Tint Tutorial

November 16, 2016

ONE: In a small container, add 2 tablespoons of avocado oil. Then, add the Fired Up Fuchsia Colorant and mix the two together until completely smooth. Use the Mini White Plastic Mixer to help remove clumps. TWO: In a separate heat-safe container, add the remaining 4 tablespoons of avocado oil. Add the white beeswax and cocoa butter […]

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Vermont Maple Melt & Pour Soap DIY

October 26, 2016

What You’ll Need: Guest Leaves Mold 10 oz. Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base 0.2 oz. Vermont Maple Fragrance Oil 0.2 oz. Vanilla Color Stabilizer Shimmer Sparkle Gold Color Block Perfect Red Color Block Perfect Orange Color Block Yellow Oxide Color Block 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in Spray Bottle Evergreen Mica Merlot Sparkle Mica ONE: Chop and melt […]

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Cocoa Butter Cashmere Body Mousse DIY

October 19, 2016

What You’ll Need: Three Tall 8 oz. Bail Jars 8 oz. Avocado Butter 3 oz. Cocoa Butter Chunks 2 oz. Jojoba Oil 6 mL Cocoa Butter Cashmere Fragrance Oil Dropper ONE: Add the jojoba oil and cocoa butter into a small, heat-safe container. Melt in the microwave using 30-60 second bursts. Cocoa butter has a […]

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Green Smoothie Whipped Body Butter DIY

September 7, 2016

What You’ll Need: 15 oz. Avocado Butter 4.2 oz. Grapeseed Oil 5 mL Green Tea Extract 5 mL Green Smoothie Fragrance Oil 5 tsp. Arrowroot Powder Four 8 oz. Plastic Bail Jars Droppers ONE: In a large bowl, measure out 15 oz. of avocado butter. Using a hand blender or stand mixer, whip the butter […]

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Melt & Pour Soap Truffles Tutorial

May 4, 2016

What You’ll Need: 3 Medium 9 Ball Silicone Molds 14 oz. Shea Melt and Pour Base 7 oz. Clear Melt and Pour Base 18 mL Butter Mints Fragrance Oil 12 mL Vanilla Color Stabilizer Brown Oxide Color Block Electric Bubble Gum Color Block Medium Pink Sea Salt Dropper 99% Isopropyl Alcohol ONE: Cut 14 oz. of […]

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Whipped Amber Bronzing Body Butter

April 27, 2016

What You’ll Need: Three 8 oz. Plastic Bail Jars 6 oz. Avocado Butter 6 oz. Coffee Butter 4 oz. Cocoa Butter 8 mL Amber Fragrance Oil 3 mL Ancient Sedona Fragrance Oil 2 Tbs. Tapioca Powder 4 tsp. Copper Sparkle Mica ONE: In a heat safe container, add the cocoa butter and melt in the microwave […]

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Chicks and Bunnies Melt & Pour Soap DIY

March 22, 2016

What You’ll Need: Chicks and Bunnies Silicone Mold (Limited Edition) 18.6 oz. Goat Milk Melt and Pour Base 15 mL Green Fig Fragrance Oil Chrome Green Color Block Fizzy Lemonade Color Block Electric Bubble Gum Color Block 99% Isopropyl Alcohol Dropper ONE: Cut 18.6 oz. of Goat Milk Melt and Pour Base into small, even pieces. […]

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Burnt Sugar Shimmer Lotion

February 3, 2016

What You’ll Need: 16 oz. Aloe Lotion 4.5 mL Burnt Sugar Fragrance 1 tsp. Lip Safe Copper Mica 1/8 tsp. Cappuccino Mica 6- 2 oz. Bottles with Black Disk Tops  ONE: Disinfect a clean spoon and heat safe container by spritzing 99% rubbing alcohol on the surface and allowing it to air dry. Wear gloves throughout the whole process […]

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Bees Soap Kit

May 13, 2015

What You’ll Need 2 pounds of Honey Melt and Pour Soap Base Bee and Honeycomb Mold 1 oz Oatmeal Milk and Honey Fragrance Oil 1 oz Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil ONE: Slice 1 pound of Honey Melt and Pour Soap Base into small pieces. Put the soap in a heat-safe container and microwave in 30 second bursts until […]

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