Tub Time: Goatsmilk Bath Tea


4 Tablespoons Powdered Goat Milk

3 Tablespoons Lavender Buds, Grade 1

2 Tablespoons Medium Pink Sea Salt

2 Tablespoons Cocoa Butter

Heat Sealable Large Tea Bag

Yeilds: 1 tea bag for the bath

ONE: Pour all the ingredients into a container and mix with a spoon.

TWO: Scoop the tea into a large tea bag. To create more room in the bag, tap it on the counter to settle the tea.

THREE: Tip the bag on its side carefully. Seal the opening with a hot iron.

Your tea is ready! To use, add the tea bag to your hot bath water. The powdered goat milk is very fine, so squeeze the tea bag several times to release it into the water.

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