Rose Water Lotion

What You’ll Need:

11.7 oz. distilled water

4.8 oz. Rose Water

2.7 oz. Sunflower Oil

1.2 oz. Apricot Kernel Oil

1.2 oz. BTMS-50

.2 oz. Sodium Lactate

.3 oz. Chamomile Extract

.9 oz. Glycerin

.4 oz. DL Panthenol

.2 oz Otiphen

Three 8 oz. Bottles with Pump Top

EQUIPMENT PREP: Disinfect all your utensils by putting them in a 5% bleach water solution. Allow them to dry. This includes any containers, stick blender, and spatulas or spoons that may touch your lotion. Your products have to be 100% free of microbes, germs and bacteria. Be safe and bleach water all your utensils.

ONE: Pour the distilled water, sodium lactate and glycerin in a heat-safe container. Stir and set aside.

TWO: In another container, mix the sunflower and apricot kernel oils with the BTMS-50. You don’t need to melt the BTMS-50 beforehand. Stir and set aside.

THREE: In a third container, mix the DL-Panthenol, rose water, chamomile extract and Optiphen. The oils and water will not mix together in this stage, so don’t worry! Set the container aside.

There should be three containers at this point, one for each “phase.”

FOUR: Heat the first and second containers  – the one with the oils and the one with distilled water  – in the microwave on 1 minute bursts until both reach around 150-160°F. Don’t microwave the container with the Optiphen and rose water.

FIVE: When your oil and distilled water have reached the right temperature, add the oils to the water and stir continuously.

SIX: Once everything is mixed together, stick blend the mixture for 60-90 seconds. Make sure the the oil and water phases are fully emulsified. Also make sure to tamp your stick blender on the bottom of the container to release any air bubbles. Continue to mix the lotion until it drops below 120 degrees F.

SEVEN: When the mixture reaches 120°F or below, add the rose water and preservative mixture.

EIGHT: Stick blend again and mix for another 60-90 seconds. This lotion is on the thinner side, and at this point it will be a little thicker than water.

NINE: When the temperature of the lotion drops below 110 degrees F, pour it into bottles. Let the bottles sit overnight without a cap on to prevent condensation from forming inside the bottle. Then, twist the cap on and enjoy!

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