Rose Clay Sugar Scrub

Rose Clay Sugar Scrub


10 oz Foaming Bath Whip

1 oz Sweet Almond Oil

0.4 oz Black Amber and Lavender Fragrance Oil

3 teaspoons Rose Clay

12 oz Sugar

Jar or other container (for packaging/storage)

Hand-held or Stand Mixer

Rose Clay Scrub Ingredients

ONE: Using a handheld mixer, beat the Foaming Bath Whip for a minute or less. You just want to add a little bit of volume!

Whipping Foaming Bath Whip

TWO: Add the Black Amber and Lavender Fragrance and sweet almond oil. Mix them in well.

Adding Oils

THREE: Add the rose clay and mix until it’s fully incorporated.

Mixing Rose Clay

FOUR: Once the ingredients are mixed in completely, add the sugar in small batches. Mix each time you add the sugar. Repeat this process until everything is fully incorporated.

Adding Sugar

FIVE: Put the sugar scrub in a container using a spoon or spatula. Enjoy!

Rose Clay Sugar Scrub

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