Starry Bath Fizzies

Final2Cinnamon Sugar Bath Fizzies are fun, easy, and very affordable! We added up the cost of the ingredients, divided it out and found these little bath treats are just 60¢ each!

On to the recipe and bath fizzy fun…


1 pound Citric Acid
2 pounds Baking Soda
¼ ounce Fragrance
Cappucino Mica
Shredded Glitter
Witch Hazel (in a spray bottle)
Mold – I used our Guest Party Stars Mold

bathfizzy5This recipe makes about 18 bath fizzies in a 2.5 ounce size. If you want want to make more (or less) just remember that it is always 1 part Citric Acid to 2 parts Baking Soda. Add as much fragrance as you like (our recipe produces a highly fragrant fizzy) and use LESS color than you think you need. The color will always look faded until they are used in the bath when they bloom and sparkle!

bathfizzy2Step 1
Measure out your Citric Acid and Baking Soda and thoroughly blend them together. Then blend some more! You can’t mix them up too much. Making sure there are no clumps and that the mixture is very smooth is a key to having a great looking final product.

Step 2
Add your fragrance and mix it in well. If you find your blend is really lumpy and you can’t break up the lump with your fingers, you can use a sieve to get rid of the chunks. If you fail to blend in the fragrance enough, it can cause “warts” in your final bath fizzy so blend, blend, blend.

Step 3
Set approximately a cup of the bath fizzy mix aside and add a few scoops of the Cappuccino mica to the main batch. Add a few pinches of glitter to the white mix. The glitter looks sooooo pretty in the bath.

Step 4
Check your recipe for consistency. It should stick together when you squish it in your hand as shown above. If it doesn’t hold together, add a few spritzes of witch hazel, blend your mixture and do the squish test again.


Final1Let’s finish up those bath fizzies so you can be on our way to finishing the delightful ensemble above. By the way, the set of items pictured only cost $6.02 in ingredients! Luxurious and cheap.

bathfizzy4Step 5
Place a little of the white mixture in the mold just where the star designs are. Be as neat or as messy as you like – they always manage to look great in the end. I’m wearing gloves to protect my nail polish color. Making bath fizzies can dull fingernail polish color and shine.

bathfizzy6Step 6
Fill the mold with the Cappuccino brown mixture and press it into the molds really well. You want to pack this as tightly as you can. The more dense your fizzy, the more sturdy it is in transport and the longer it will last in the tub.

bathfizzy7Step 7
Gently tap out the bombs onto a surface where they won’t be disturbed while they dry. I usually make one or two fizzies in this mold at a time. Flipping a full mold of fizzies is a sure way to have broken fizzies flying everywhere. It can take a few days for your bath bombs to fully harden – so keep that in mind when finding a space. Humidity can wreck havoc on the fizzies. Choose a dry area, well away from your bathroom and shower area.

bathfizzy8Step 8
Wrap your fizzies and shower your friends and family with fizzy bathtime fun!