Domino Style Lip Balm

Domino Lip Balm


 3 oz Nourish Lip Balm Base

Fired Up Fuchsia Pigment

Cellini Yellow Mica

 Pineapple Lip Flavor Oil

 Papaya Lip Flavor Oil

 10 Slidey Lip Tins

Drinking Straw

Clean Up Tool

Droppers with Suction Bulb

ONE: In a heat-safe container, melt the lip balm base on 30 second bursts in the microwave. If you attempt to just heat the base without stopping and stirring in between 30 second bursts, it’s possible to shatter glass so take a little longer and make your microwave happy. Split the base in half, each portion weighing 1.5 ounces.

Splitting Lip Balm

TWO: Color one portion with 2 heaping mini-scoops of Fired Up Fuchsia and the other portion with 2 mini-scoops of Cellini Yellow Mica. Mix the colorants in well, eliminating any clumps.

Adding Color

THREE: Add 1.5 mL of Papaya Lip Flavor to the Fuchsia colored batch and 1.5 mL of Pineapple Lip Flavor to the Yellow colored batch. Mix well.

NOTE: Both the Papaya and Pineapple Lip Flavor oils are unsweetened. To add a bit of sweetness, substitute 0.5 mL of the lip flavor with Lip Smacking Sweetener.

Adding Pineapple

FOUR: Pour the Yellow  colored batch into 5 of the Slidely Lip Tins and the Fuchsia colored batch into the remaining 5 Slidey Lip Tins. Allow to fully harden.

Pouring Balm into Containers

FIVE: Using the pointed end of the clean-up tool, scoop out a line in the hardened lip balm base down the center of each lip tin. Reserve what you scoop out of each color to separate containers.

SIX: Using a drinking straw, create dots on either side of the line in a pattern reminiscent of a domino. Squeeze out of the straw what you remove from the lip tins into the same-colored reserved lip balm.

TIP: Twist the straw in the way in and on the way back out, and the dot’s “plug” will generally come out with the straw (it took me a couple tries before I got the technique down). Squeeze the straw to remove and save the plug. Use a thick straw as opposed to a thin one so it’s more likely to retain its shape after all that squeezing. If your plug doesn’t come out with the straw, use the clean-up tool to pop it out.

Using Straw

SEVEN: Re-heat the reserved Fuchsia lip balm. Using a dropper, fill in the hollowed out lines and holes in the 5 tins with Yellow colored lip balm. Allow to harden. Repeat with the reserved Yellow lip balm. Using a dropper, fill in the hollowed out lines and holes in the 5 tins with Fuchsia colored lip balm. Allow to harden.

Filling holes

EIGHT: Finish the lip balms by gently going over the tops with a heat gun on low until the balm is a little bit shiny. This will fill in any gaps or bunches in the surface. Allow to harden.

NINE: Use the clean-up tool if there are any spots that need a little help. Replace the slidey tin lids and enjoy!

Domino Lip Balm