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Pure Charcoal Melt and Pour Soap DIY

What You’ll Need: Pure Soap Silicone Tray Mold 32 oz. Aloe Vera Melt and Pour 3 oz. White Melt and Pour Soap Base 2 tsp. Activated Charcoal 0.8 oz. Tea Tree Essential Oil 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in Spray Bottle Clean Up Tool Injector Tool ONE: Chop 3 ounces of White Melt and Pour Soap Base into small chunks. Place them […]

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Cleansing Charcoal Facial Scrub DIY

What You’ll Need: Six 4 oz. Jars 10 oz. Natural Castile Liquid Soap Base 6 oz. Hazelnut Oil 0.5 oz. Tamanu Oil 11 oz. Kaolin Clay 4 oz. White Jojoba Beads – Medium 0.3 oz. Activated Charcoal 3 mL Tea Tree Essential Oil 0.1 oz. Optiphen Dropper Optional: Charcoal Soap & Scrub Label Template -Free […]

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