Rose & Aloe In-Shower Lotion

Rose and Aloe In-Shower Lotion

Rose and Aloe In-Shower Lotion3

What You’ll Need:
16.5 oz. Aloe Vera Liquid
2.7 oz. Avocado Oil
.7 oz. Green Tea Seed Oil
1 oz. BTMS-50 Conditioning Emulsifier
.5 oz. Emulsifying Wax
.2 oz. Sodium Lactate
.9 oz. Glycerin Liquid
.2 oz. Vitamin E Oil
.4 oz. DL-Panthenol
.2 oz. Aloe Extract
.2 oz. Optiphen
9 mL Crisp Apple Rose Fragrance Oil
2 mL Fuchsia LabColor
8 oz. Bottle,White Disk Cap (3 bottles)
Optional: Droppers

EQUIPMENT PREP: Dip your equipment in a 5% bleach water solution to disinfect it. Allow the tools to dry fully. The equipment includes your stick blender, mixing containers and any spoons or spatulas. You want your lotion to be free of germs, bacteria and microbes. To be safe, make sure to bleach water all your utensils.

ONE: Add the green tea seed oil, avocado oil, BTMS-50, emulsifying wax, sodium lactate, glycerin and vitamin E oil to a heat-safe container. Heat this mixture in the microwave on 1-minute bursts until the waxes are melted, and set aside.

ONETWO: In another heat safe container, add the aloe vera liquid. Heat the aloe vera liquid to 150°F, then add the DL-panthenol and stir until it’s dissolved.

TWOTHREE: Take the temperature of both mixtures. The containers should both be around 150-160°F. When they are at the right temperature, pour the oil and wax mixture into the aloe vera liquid and stir. Using a stick blender, blend for 60-90 seconds to ensure the oil and water emulsifies. To prevent air bubbles, make sure to tap your stick blender on the bottom of the bowl before turning the stick blender on. That releases any trapped air. Stick blend until the lotion dips below 120°F.
THREESIXFOUR: When the lotion is cooler than 120°F, add the optiphen and aloe extract. Stick blend for another 60-90 seconds.

SEVENFIVE: Using a dropper, add the Fuchsia LabColor and blend until it’s fully mixed in. Make sure to use diluted LabColor. Click here to learn how to dilute the color.

EIGHTSIX: Next, add the Crisp Apple Rose Fragrance Oil. Stick blend until it’s fully incorporated.

NINESEVEN: When the lotion is cooler than 110°F, pour it slowly and carefully into bottles. To prevent condensation, let the bottles sit overnight without caps on.

Rose and Aloe In-Shower Lotion2

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