Fresh Face Lavender and Aloe Lotion

What You’ll Need:

16.5 oz. Distilled Water

2.7 oz. Sweet Almond Oil

1.35 oz. Rice Bran Oil

1.2 oz. BTMS-50

.2 oz. Sodium Lactate

.3 oz. Aloe Extract

.9 oz. Glycerin

.4 oz. DL Panthenol

.2 oz Otiphen

3 mL Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil

Three 8 oz. Bottles (White Disk Cap)

EQUIPMENT PREP: Dip your equipment in a 5% bleach water solution to disinfect it. Allow the tools to dry fully. The equipment includes your stick blender, mixing containers and any spoons or spatulas. You want your lotion to be free of germs, bacteria and microbes. To be safe, make sure to bleach water all your utensils.

Pour the sodium lactate, distilled water and glycerin in a microwave-safe container. Stir to fully combine and set aside.

TWO: Add DL Panthenol to the container. Whisk it in until it’s fully dissolved.
THREE: In a separate container, combine the rice bran oil and sweet almond oil with the BTMS-50. You do not need to melt the BTMS-50 beforehand. Stir to combine and set the container aside.
FOUR: Heat both the container with the oils and the distilled water in the microwave. Heat on 1-minute bursts until both containers reach 150-160°F.
FIVE: When both containers have reached the correct temperature and the BTMS-50 is fully dissolved, add the oils to the water and stir continuously. You’ll want to blend the mixture for 60-90 seconds to make sure the oil and water are fully emulsified. Make sure to “burp” your stick blender by tapping it on the bottom of the container before blending. That gets rid of any bubbles. Blend until the lotion drops below 120°F.
SIX: When your lotion is below 120°F, add the aloe extract, Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil and Optiphen. Mix for an additional 60 seconds with the stick blender until the mixture is fully blended.

SEVEN: When the lotion is below 110°F, pour it into your bottles. Let the lotion bottles sit overnight without a cap. Make sure to leave them uncapped, otherwise condensation can form. Then, put the cap on and enjoy!

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