Pink Sea Salt Aloe Scrub

What You’ll Need:

8 oz Sugar and Salt Scrub Base

.4 oz Chamomile Extract

.8 oz Aloe Extract

 2 oz Fine Pink Sea Salt

5 scoops of Rose Clay

Mini Scoops

2 – 4 oz Bail Jars

Optional: Raspberry Porter Fragrance Oil


ONE: Combine extracts and scrub base – stir well to blend.

TWO: Add all of the Fine Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, stir well.


THREE: Add 5 heaping scoops of Rose Clay using the mini scoops and stir well.

FOUR (optional): Add in a couple drops of Raspberry Porter Fragrance Oil to give it that extra scent!

FIVE: After mixing well, add scrub into two 4 oz bail jars!