Halloween Bath Fizzies


Ingredients and tools:

HallFizzy7Step One: Measure out the baking soda and citric acid 2:1 part. This means 2 ounces baking soda to every one ounce citric acid. Or two cups baking soda to every one cup citric acid. Smash any clumps to ensure a fine and even consistency. Then, blend, blend, blend!

Step Two: Add color & fragrance to preference and thoroughly mix again. It’s important to fully mix in the fragrance to help to avoid clumps. Clumps can turn into wart-like formations on the outside of your bath fizzy so sift and squish those clumps away.


Step Three: Do “the squeeze test”. Grab some of the mix and squeeze it in your hand. If it holds together, you have enough moisture to make the fizzy. If it is crumbly and dry, spritz the the mix with some witch hazel, mix well and try the squeeze test again. Repeat as needed.

Step Four: Pack some of the mixture into your mold and press down firmly. Pack the mix in the mold as tightly as possible. Remove from the mold and let air dry in a non-humid environment until hard.

Tip: To get the dual colored look in the top photo, just drizzle a small bit of contrasting color into the face of the pumpkin. Gently drop the alternating color into the rest of the cavity and push down firmly. The tighter you pack the mixture, the more detailed your design will look.

Here’s an action shot of the exciting fizzy action of our little Halloween guys. He looks terrified – but I think he’s really having a great time!Melting