Bath Bomb Surprise

Recipe submitted by Luke

1 lb. Citric Acid
2 lbs. Baking Soda
Witch Hazel (in Spray Bottle)
Rose Pearl Mica
Herbal Essence Fragrance Oil
Hockey Puck Mold
12 Rubber Duckies
Mini Scoop

Step 1: Using a large plastic bowl mixed the citric acid and baking soda together. Try using a whisk for this step and mix for a good 5 minutes to make sure the powder is properly blended.

Step 2: Using the mini scoop mix in a small amount of Rose Pearl Mica. Start out with 3 heaping spoonful mini scoopfuls, but add more if you want to darken the bath bombs, then blend this with your whisk for another few minutes.

Tip: Bath bombs will darken after using witch hazel and too much mica tends to leave a ring around the tub.

Step 3: Then add .75 ounces of Herbal Essence Fragrance Oil, distributing evenly with the dropper. After adding the fragrance use a mixing spoon to stir and blend well for another minute or so.

Step 4: Began to mix slowly while spraying mixture with witch hazel. When the batch begins to thicken,  stir and sift with your fingers. After a few minutes, the batch should begin to thicken and clump when squeezed, which is the perfect consistency.

Step 5: Using the hockey puck mold, take a handful of the batch and squish it to the bottom of the mold, packing it down. Place the rubber ducky into the mold, and pack around and above it until covered.

Step 6: Checke on them an hour later to make sure they are beginning to harden. Lightly spritzed the outside with witch hazel and smoothed them down if needed. Let them sit out to dry overnight.