Color Blend Melt & Pour Soap

Create a beautiful two tone melt and pour soap

1. Prepare your ingredients. You will need two microwave-proof containers.

Prepare your ingredients

2. Color and scent both bases. (See Basic Melt and Pour instructions)

3. Test temperature. If the temperature of either base is higher than 130ºF, cover base with saran wrap and check temperature every five minutes.

Check your temperature

4. When base is 120ºF to 130ºF (this applies ONLY to Bramble Berry, Inc. bases – other melt and pour bases have higher or lower temperature points. If using another brand of base, the base should not be steaming and be slightly viscous and within 60 to 90 seconds of setting up), make sure the colorants and fragrance are stirred in completely.

5. Pick up both colors. Position each colorant on opposite sides of the mold and start pouring slowly. Keep each color of base as close to the opposing sides of the mold as possible. By pouring slowly, you’ll inhibit the colorant mixing.

Pour your colors slowly

6. Spray the poured soap with alcohol and wait 3 to 4 hours until the base is set up before popping out of molds and wrapping.

color blend melt and pour soap

A beautiful color blended soap