Agate Spin Swirl Soap Tutorial

September 20, 2017

What You’ll Need: Embeds:  10 oz. LCP Clear Melt and Pour Soap Lavender Mica Snowflake Sparkle Mica Base 18 Bar Birchwood Mold Silicone Liner for 18 Bar Mold 8.1 oz. Apricot Kernel Oil (15%) 13.5 oz. Coconut Oil (25%) 21.6 oz. Olive Oil (40%) 10.8 oz. Palm Oil (20%) 7.6 oz. Sodium Hydroxide Lye 15.1 oz. Distilled Water (15% water discount) 3.5 oz. Amethyst Fragrance Oil […]

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DIY Crystal Bath Bombs

September 6, 2017

What You Need: 10 Bath Bomb Mold & Package 26 oz. Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) 13 oz. Citric Acid Witch Hazel in a Spray Bottle 0.7 oz. Jade Fragrance Oil 3 oz. Deodorized Cocoa Butter 0.6 oz. Polysorbate 80 6 oz. Fine Grained Dead Sea Salt Shamrock Green Mica Super Pearly White Mica Gold Sparkle Mica Pewter Silver Mica 1/2 tsp. Fine Silver Rainbow EcoGlitter […]

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DIY Crystal Soap Gift Set (with printable!)

August 29, 2017

What You’ll Need: Silicone Gemstone Mold 5 oz. Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base About 1/16 tsp. Fine Silver Rainbow EcoGlitter 3 mL Jade Fragrance Oil Colorants Used (2-4 Mini Scoops per batch) Shamrock Green Mica Lavender Mica Caribbean Blue Mica Buttercup Mica Red Mica Rose Gold Mica Super Pearly White Mica .15 CC Scoop (for measuring colorant) Dropper (for […]

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