Watermelon Cold Process Soap Tutorial

.Juicy Watermelon Soap Tutorial /// Learn how to create this adorable watermelon soap!

What You’ll Need:
5 Pound Wood Mold with Sliding Bottom
Silicone Liner for 5 Pound Wood Mold
5.5 oz. Avocado Oil (10%)
1.7 oz. Castor Oil (3%)
13.8 oz. Coconut Oil (25%)
3.9 oz. Mango Butter (7%)
16.5 oz. Olive Oil Pomace (30%)
13.8 oz. Palm Oil (25%)
16 oz. Distilled Water (12% Water Discount)
7.7 oz. Sodium Hydroxide Lye
2 oz. Summer Melon Spritzer Fragrance Oil
1 oz. Watermelon Fragrance Oil
Magenta Mica
Titanium Dioxide
Green Chrome Oxide Pigment
Kermit Green Mica
Poppy Seeds

Juicy Watermelon Soap Tutorial /// Learn how to create this adorable watermelon soap!

If you’ve never made Cold Process soap before, stop here! I highly recommend checking out our FREE four part SoapQueen.tv series on Cold Process Soapmaking, especially the episode on lye safety. And if you’d rather do some reading, Bramble Berry carries a wide range of books on the topic, including my newest book, Pure Soapmaking. You can also check out the digital downloads for that instant gratification factor.

SAFETY FIRST: Suit up for safe handling practices! That means goggles, gloves and long sleeves. Make sure kids, pets, and other distractions and tripping hazards are out of the house or don’t have access to your soaping space. Always soap in a well-ventilated area.

COLOR PREP: To ensure that the Titanium Dioxide blends smoothly into the soap batter, we recommend micronizing it before dispersing it in oil. Please note this is an optional tip but it does help with the titanium dioxide clumping in the soap. =) To micronize colorant, simply use a coffee grinder to blend the colorant to break up any clumps of color and prevent streaks of white from showing in the final soap. We like to use a coffee grinder that has a removable, stainless steel mixing area for easy cleaning. Then, disperse 2 teaspoons of the colorant into 2 tablespoons of sunflower or sweet almond oil (or any other liquid oil). Then disperse 2 teaspoons Magenta Mica into 2 tablespoons of oil. Finally, disperse 1 teaspoon of the Chrome Green Oxide Pigment  and Kermit Green Mica each into a 1 tablespoon of oil. Use a mini mixer to get rid of any clumps.

FRAGRANCE OIL PREP: Measure 2 ounces of the Summer Melon Spritzer Fragrance Oil and 1 ounce of the Watermelon Fragrance Oil in a glass, fragrance oil safe container. Set aside.

ONE: Slowly and carefully add the lye to the water and gently stir until the lye has fully dissolved and the liquid is clear. Set aside to cool.

TWO: Melt and combine the avocado oil, castor oil, coconut oil, mango butter, olive oil pomace and palm oil (don’t forget to melt the entire container of palm until completely clear). Once the lye water and the oils have cooled to 110-120 F degrees or below (and are ideally within 10 degrees of each other), add the lye water to the oils and stick blend until thin trace. If you’d like a harder bar of soap that releases faster from the mold, you can add sodium lactate to the cooled lye water. Use 1 teaspoon of sodium lactate per pound of oils in the recipe. For this recipe, you’d add about 3.5 teaspoons sodium lactate.

ONETWOTHREE: Once the soap has reached a thin trace, split off three containers with 350 mL each.

To one of the small containers, add 2 teaspoons of dispersed Kermit Green Mica. To one of the other small containers, add 1 teaspoon of the dispersed Chrome Green Oxide. Use a whisk to mix in both colorants completely.

FOURFIVE: Add a small amount of the fragrance oil blend into both green containers, and use a whisk to completely mix in. Give the large soap container a whisk to help keep it fluid.

FIVESIX: If your green soap batter is still quite thin, stick blend each container until it’s a medium to thick trace. Pour about 1/3 of green soap down the length of the mold. Then pour about 1/3 of the light green soap down the length of the mold, next to the dark green. Continue pouring strips of each color down the length of the mold. Don’t worry about making them perfectly straight or even.

SIXSEVENSEVEN: Once both colors have been poured into the mold, use a spoon to smooth out soap. Tap firmly on the counter to help eliminate bubbles.

EIGHTEIGHT: To the last small container, add all of the dispersed titanium dioxide and use a whisk or spoon to thoroughly mix in. Pour all of the white soap into the mold, and use a spoon to spread it evenly. Tap firmly on the counter to help eliminate bubbles.

TENNINE: To the large container of soap, add all of the dispersed Magenta Mica and use a whisk to stir in. Then, add the remaining fragrance oil blend and use a whisk to completely mix in.

ELEVENTEN: Add 1 heaping tablespoon of poppy seeds into the soap, and mix in. If you prefer more poppy seeds, feel free to add more.

TWELVEELEVEN: Place the pink soap on top of the white evenly throughout the mold. Tap the mold firmly on the counter to help get rid of bubbles and disperse the batter.

THIRTEENTWELVE: Use a spoon to create peaks and texture on top of the soap. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just keep manipulating the soap until you’re happy with the look. Sprinkle poppy seeds on top, concentrating them towards the center. Spritz the top of the soap with 99% isopropyl alcohol to help prevent soda ash. Cover the soap to insulate and help promote gel phase. Allow it to insulate overnight. Allow the soap to stay in the mold for about 3-5 days. Unmold, and allow to cure for 4-6 weeks.

FOURTEENJuicy Watermelon Soap Tutorial /// Learn how to create this adorable watermelon soap!

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