Shimmery Summer Soap Jellies Tutorial

Shimmery Summer Soap Jellies

Shimmery Summer Soap Jellies Tutorial

See the jellies in action in the video below!

What You’ll Need:
9 Cube Soap Silicone Mold
32 oz. Stephenson Jelly Melt and Pour
10 mL Summer Fling Fragrance Oil
1/2 tsp. Fine Iridescent Glitter
Fuchsia Lab Color
Canary LabColor
Orange LabColor
Optional: Droppers

DILUTING LABCOLOR: You will need to dilute the LabColors for this project. We dilute the small bottle of LabColor in 4 oz. of distilled water. To learn how to dilute them, click here.

ONE: Chop the Stephenson Jelly Melt and Pour into small, even pieces. Put the soap in a heat safe container and melt on 1 minute bursts. Longer bursts are needed because the jelly base takes longer to melt than regular melt and pour soap. Stir between each burst, but not too much. The jelly soap base can develop bubbles with too much stirring. The soap will be thick when it is fully melted.

ONETWO: Stir in the glitter and Summer Fling Fragrance Oil. Remember to stir gently to prevent air bubbles.

TWOGLITTERTHREE: Separate the soap into three containers. Each will weigh about 10.6 oz. If the base starts to cool and thicken, put the containers in the microwave on 20 second bursts until the soap is thinner. In one of the containers, add 1 mL of diluted Fuchsia LabColor and stir gently. Pour the fuchsia soap into three of the mold cavities. Fill the cavities about 3/4 full.


FOUR: In a second container, add 2 mL of diluted Canary LabColor, mix gently and pour into three mold cavities. In the last container, gently mix in 2 mL of the diluted Orange LabColor and pour into three mold cavities. Spraying the top of the soap with 99% isopropyl alcohol is not necessary to pop air bubbles, as the they don’t rise to the surface in the thick soap. Let the soap fully cool and harden for several hours and remove from mold.


To use, rip off a small piece of the soap and lather it on a washcloth or sponge.

Summer Soap Jellies

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