Nourishing Nail Polish

Nourishing Nail Polish Tutorial

Nourishing Nail Polish

What You’ll Need:
Six 15 mL Nail Polish Bottles
3 oz. Suspending Nail Polish Base
Six Nail Polish Mixing Balls
1 tsp. Radiant Plum Colorant
1 tsp. Argan Oil
Optional: Droppers

ONE: Mix the Radiant Plum Colorant and argan oil in a small container. If there are clumps, use a mini mixer to remove them.ONETWO: Put one nail polish mixing ball in each nail polish bottle. Use a dropper to add 2.5 mL of the color and oil mixture into each bottle.

TWOTHREE: Carefully and slowly, pour the Suspending Nail Polish Base into each bottle. Fill up to the neck of the bottles.


FOUR: Put a brush in each bottle and twist the cap on. That will adhere the brush to the cap.


FIVE: Shake well to mix everything together and enjoy!


Nourishing Nail Polish 1


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