Save the Bath Bombs – Valentines Style

bathbomb valentines recipeHave you ever had a bath bomb go wrong? (cough cough…no, never, not us!) Well, on the RARE occasion that you have a bath bomb go wrong, we have the fix for you! Just wrap up the crumbled bath bomb pieces in water soluble paper and pop them in the tub! Bonus: They’re so cute no one will know you ever “goofed” up a recipe!

PREP: Once you download the PDF, print out the images on water soluble paper, preferably on an inkjet printer (laser printed water soluble paper doesn’t dissolve as well in water). Then cut out the square but cutting on the dotted line.

Below is a prime example of a bath bomb gone wrong. Let’s just say it went a little “flat” (obviously).

bad bathbomb example

Printing Tip:  We tested the water soluble paper printed from an inkjet printer and a laser printer and found that the colored parts of the paper dissolved way faster with the inkjet printer. If you have a laser printer, we designed a heart pattern with less color just for you.

STEP ONE: Crush your old bath bombs with a fork, hammer or rubber mallet. Choose accordingly depending on how hard your fizzies are.

crush your bathbomb

STEP TWO: Put three tablespoons worth of  bath bomb chunks into the center of the back of the paper, so you’ll see the hearts when you eventually fold them up.. OR three tablespoons of  completely powdered bath bomb mix (depending on how you decide to crumble the delinquents).

add a scoop of bathbomb

STEP THREE: Carefully pull the side of the paper up and around the bath bomb mixture then secure with a twisty tie or ribbon.  Plop it in the bath tub and let the fizzy disperse.

wrap your bath bomb

Check out the Bath Bomb Wrapped Surprise in action (video below)!