Honeycomb Melt and Pour

Recipe submitted Kat of Otion


1 lb. Honey Melt-and-Pour Base

4ml Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Fragrance

1 Mini Scoop Yellow Mica

1 Mini Scoop Honeyed Beige Mica

12 Bar Silicone Mold

Bubble Wrap and Scissors

Paper Towel and Gold Sparkle Mica for rubbing over the surface

Yields: 4 bars of soap

PREP: Wash your bubble wrap with warm soap and water and let it dry before making your soap.

ONE: Cut your bubble wrap into squares that fit in the cavity and line your mold.

TWO:  Melt the soap base and stir in color (just the yellow and honeyed beige) and fragrance. Pour into lined mold.

THREE: Let harden, remove soap from mold and peel back bubble wrap to reveal the textured surface.

FOUR (optional): Tap a mini scoop of Sparkle Gold Mica onto a paper towel and rub it lightly across the surface to create shine that reflects in the light, enhancing the pattern.

PS – This soap would be scrumptious with Honey Ale fragrance as well.