Bath Poof Soaps

Here’s a simple tutorial for making melt and pour soaps with an embedded bath poof. First, gather your ingredients:

Adorable bath poofs


1. Start by cutting up small chunks of clear melt-and-pour soap & place in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at 15-second intervals until the glycerin has melted. Let cool a bit and add scent.

2. Place bath poof in the center of the mold, holding the nylon handle upward (you don’t want to embed that!)

3. With your other hand, slowly pour glycerin over every section of the bath poof on all sides. The bath poof will start to sink as the glycerin hits it – keep pouring all around until you have submerged the bath poof. A bit of the nylon might poke out a little bit. You can take a bamboo skewer and push it back down into the glycerin.

4. Let the nylon handle lean over out of the glycerin – it will make a nice little rope to hold your soap.

5. Wait until glycerin has cooled and pop soap out of the mold.
(Note: No color is needed as the bath poof acts as the color as you can see through the soap)